Hire The Best Freelancers As Cheap As $5 To Get Your Work Done

Let’s face it: building a new brand takes assets, especially in the digital landscape. Logos, websites, website content, social networking pages, search engine rankings – it adds up pretty fast. And as businesses continue to improve the overall user experience online, these skills are evolving into specialties. As such, it’s become more difficult than ever for small business owners to properly maintain their digital assets while also running their own startup. Yet, at the same time, you probably don’t have the budget to hire an employee to take care of it for you. So, where do you turn? To Fiverr, a website enabling you to hire freelance designers, content writers, digital marketers or even graphic designers for just $5 per project.

Why Hire Content Writers on Fiverr?

You may have heard content referred to as “king” or “core”. This is a popular analogy among search engine optimization professionals. In others, those whose specialty is optimizing websites for top results in engines like Google or Bing identify a website’s content as the foundation for success. To remain competitive, it’s no longer enough to simply list a few services on your website and hope potential customers magically find its pages. Pages must be optimized to take advantage of search results. This isn’t always easy, but Fiverr does make it affordable. On there, you’ll be able to hire content writers who will provide quality, optimized content for only $5 per page. So, if your website has 10 pages, hiring Fiverr’s content writers means that you can fill your entire site with quality, optimized content for only $50!

Should I Hire Designers from Fiverr?

While written content is important, it is the website’s design elements that will initially capture your visitor’s attention. Additionally, designs elements such as logos, colors and layouts will build branding both online and offline. While it’s easy to hire freelance designers to draft a logo for $5, it can be a little tricky to get your remaining elements in order. Some Fiverr designers will design an entire page, while others will only design certain page elements for $5.

Important Tips for Hiring on Fiverr

  • Take Risks – Don’t be afraid to take a risk on Fiverr. In the worst case scenario, it’s only a $5 loss!
    • Exception – One exception is when you are seeking SEO services or need to hire content writers. There are many Fiverr freelancers promising guaranteed results or hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of backlinks to your website. Do not trust these providers! It is impossible for even the most seasoned professionals to offer guarantees for SEO. Further, anyone promising an exhorbant number of backlinks is, at best, using spammy sites. Needless to say, this will actually hurt your ratings (a loss much greater than $5).
  • Avoid Linkbuilding – If you’re hiring a Fiverr freelancer to work on your site, you probably won’t find quality linkbuilding services. The one exception could be guest blogging, meaning you can hire a content writer to post on other quality blogs with a relevant link pointing back to your website.
  • If you hire a freelance designer, a marketer, or essentially anyone else producing content on Fiverr, ensure that there is a stipulation somewhere (even if it’s only in a message) that all copyrights will be transferred to you for the $5 charge. Don’t attempt to borrow or share usage rights, as these could lead to legal issues that you likely won’t have time to deal with.
  • If you hire a designer, ensure that they are providing with the full “layered” or “vectored” image. These images will include the .ai or .psd file extensions. If your Fiverr designer only sends image files in .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .giff or .bmp, you are actually not receiving the full image file and will be limited (especially in sizing) with what you can actually do with that image.
  • Be prepared to pay more – Many of the Fiverr freelancers you’ll find are just offering a small portion of their overall services. For example, a digital marketer may offer to perform an audit of your site and offer basic suggestions for $5. However, their ultimate goal is likely to gain you as a client. If you have the budget and research confirms their legitimacy, consider it. Otherwise, find out how many of those suggestions you can do yourself and how many can be completed by others for $5.

Hire Freelancers with FiverrAt first, it can take a little practice to get used to using Fiverr. However, if used strategically, Fiverr freelancers can help you save a significant amount of money for many of your businesses operations. Generally, try to realistically (don’t give yourself too much credit) assess which business operations you can handle yourself. Then, you can determine which services you’d like to outsource through Fiverr. While it’s common to hire freelance designers, content writer and digital marketers, you may find freelancers willing to complete administrative tasks such as legal and financial consulting, preparing business plans, etc. as well.

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