6 Amazing Live Biology and Nature Kits for Kids

What is biology and nature kits for kids? Why do they need them? Let’s start from the beginning.

Nature is a magnificent miracle. Observing all the magical transformation of the nature is an invaluable experience for all of us. When you realize how amazing the natural balance of our life is, you respect it deeply. To keep our world inhabitable we have to respect nature not to destroy it. We should raise our kids by teaching them how to behave the environment in order to be sensitive to nature as a society.

Today, significant portion of the population live in the urban areas of the cities where the children don’t have any chance to have a interaction with the nature. Unlike old days, those children live in the apartment playing with video games virtually.

Here is the good news. There are several home biology tools available on the market as a learning kit for children about nature. Thanks to these sets children are able to experience how the life evolves.

We made a search and found some valuable live biology and nature kits for kids and listed below.

1 – Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Biology Nature Kit

This lovely butterfly growing kit is one of the most preferred biology and nature kits for kids. It includes reusable and collapsible 11.5″ tall mesh habitat, complete instructions guide, feeding pipette and a voucher for ordering a cup of 5 live caterpillars. It provides your kid an unforgettable opportunity to watch the butterfly metamorphosis which is transformation of caterpillars to beautiful Painter Lady Butterflies. Once your caterpillars transformed into butterflies in 3 weeks, let them fly into the freedom. Let your kid to have this unique experience of raising his/her own butterflies.

2 – Living Ant Habitat

Ant Habitat Biology Nature Kit

Ants are known as the deep and amazing tunnel diggers in the animal world. With this hill-shaped ant habitat kit, your kid will be able to observe how ants dig the sand and the veins of the unbelievable tunnel as seen above. In addition to watch the ants building tunnel, your children will enjoy caring their own ants by feeding fresh fruits and vegetables. The complete ant hill kit includes dome-shaped crosscut design habitat with escape-proof lid, sand, activity book and a certificate to mail for receiving a colony of the harvester ants.

3 – Live Ladybug Land

Ladybug Biology Nature Kit

This real ladybug hatching kit includes ladybug land habitat with magnifier dome cap, complete instructions and a voucher for receiving 15-20 ladybug larvae with special foods. Your children will observe clearly how provided larvae will shed their skin, curl up and harden into pupae and after 5 days emerge as adult ladybug inside the habitat.

4 – Illuminated Ant Habitat

Illuminated Ant Habitat Biology Nature Set

The illuminated ant habitat kit is one of the most unique biology and nature kits for kids as it seems like a space-age habitat for ants. The kit includes a removable LED illuminator with power adaptor, nutrient gel, zoom lens, magnifying glass, ant catching tool and a complete instruction booklet regarding the interesting facts of ants. There is also an order form in order to get the live ants afterwards.

5 – Worm Farm

Worm Farm Habitat Biology Nature Set

The idea of feeding worms at home looks like very disgusting but it is not a joke, that’s real. You can have a worm farm which you can watch the weird and the wiggly world of worms. This live worm farm observation kit may be an unusual gift for your kid. However, this observation kit will help your kid to discover the importance of worms to the ecosystem. Don’t take your child away from this great opportunity!

6 – Plant Sprout & Grow Window

Plant Sprout & Grown Window Biology and Nature Kits for Kids

Did you have hard times to answer the question of your children that how your garden was grown? This plant sprout and grow window solves this problem. Your kid will be able to discover how the roots develop and then the body of the plant grows.

If you know any other similar biology and nature kits for kids share them with us.

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