33 Coffee Mugs Gifts To Make Star Wars Enthusiasts Happy


Even as the franchise enters its 40 year anniversary, Star Wars still remains a trendy, powerful cultural phenomenon. Its characters remain iconic even as they continue gracing the silver screen to this day. To celebrate with the true Star Wars fanatics, we’re looking at another cultural trend that continues to permeate all aspects of our life: the love for coffee. In fact, coffee mugs are useful to pretty much everyone in any setting. So, why not celebrate both with your favorite Star Wars lovers in style? Here are several coffee mugs featuring Star Wars’ most iconic characters. Not only that, but each mug offers a different style to showcase its character. Here are 33 of our handpicked favorite coffee mugs for Star Wars fanatics.

Darth Vader Coffee Mugs

The most iconic villain in sci-fi history, Darth Vader is anything but boring. Just see for yourself with these Darth Vader mug styles.

Our first one features a 3D design carefully molded as a replica of Vader’s helmet.


Our next choice features the Empire’s logo cast behind Vader’s likeness, followed by two caption mugs, one reflecting a classic design reminiscent of Star Wars’ era.




We’ve then got another sculpted 3D Darth Vader mug, this one featuring a little more edge but perhaps less practical as a regular use mug.


A special self stirring and spinning mug also reflects the classic Darth Vader style on a thermal design.


And finally, a selection that is sure to become iconic: the Darth Vader top-heavy action figure goblet! Hand this to a Star Wars fanatic and see how long they can actually contain their excitement.


Yoda Coffee Mugs

Yoda represents progress and perseverance – so it’s only natural that his likeness perfectly matches coffee.

In the case of our first selection, his iconic branding is fit to match the equally iconic branding of Starbucks (see the word play there?).


The second features a classic mug design featuring a green color that matches Yoda’s accompanying picture.


Finally, we have a traditional Star Wars design of Yoda’s image on one side and his famous “Do, or Do Not. There is no Try” line on the other. What better way to find motivation at the office?


Storm Trooper Mugs

Storm Troopers may mean bad news in Star Wars, but their helmets couldn’t be more perfect for a stylish mug design.

Our first one features a detailed replica of the iconic black and white armor with a handle cleverly grafted for an easy grip on the back.


The next Storm Trooper mug features a similar design, but with the handle placed along the side. The result is a design that’s great for right-handed people, but probably not so much for lefties due to the bulging mask.


And finally, we have a certified BPA-free 3D mug reflecting the new, trendy design of the Force Awakens troopers.


Lightsaber Coffee Mug

It’s probably hard to imagine something as thin as a lightsaber holding enough coffee to get you through the day. However, that’s just what the clever design of our favorite Force Awakens does. It features pictures of each lightsaber base coupled with a brief description. But as hot coffee is added, watch as the colorful lasers extend from the handles right before your eyes! The trick is achieved using a specialized thermal ink, but we’ll still give credit to The Force.


R2-D2 Coffee Mugs

As if his loveable (albeit linguistically-challenged) demeanor wasn’t enough, R2-D2’s shape makes him the perfect candidate for a Star Wars coffee mug.

In fact, our first choice perfectly matches his design, sans legs, and even features 3D eyes.


The next, another certified BPA-free selection, adds in his legs and moves the handle to the back (don’t worry, the head is high enough to keep his legs out of the way).


A more classic design places R2-D2 over the Rebel’s battle symbol.


Then there’s a unique selection from Disney that takes the style of the first and places extra emphasis on the 3D features will adding a glossy finish.


And for true Star Wars fanatics, our last selection actually features a removable head for maximize both character likeness and thermal encapsulation.


BB-8 Coffee Mugs

If any robot’s shape makes a better coffee mug than R2-D2, it is, without question, BB-8.

This loveable character rolls up in a mug entirely reflecting his likeness, both top and bottom. There’s even some overhang between the head and body segments to achieve the illusion of free rolling.


The next BB-8 coffee mug features a similar design, but with a proportionally shorter design and brighter colors, making it a great choice for kids.


And finally, there’s a traditional mug featuring BB-8’s portrait alongside his name.


Boba Fett Coffee Mugs

Every Star Wars lover’s favorite mercenary, Boba Fett was a tough, rugged enemy with a style to match.

And that style is easily reflected in our first Star Wars coffee mug, one featuring Boba Fett’s image placed over his symbol across green ceramic.


However, that one may be no match (bad pun?) for our next choice, a 3D mug crafted after his helmet’s design.


Another also reflects his helmet’s design, but with more attention to detail and a shiny gloss finish.


Han Solo Coffee Mug

Han Solo remains just as legendary of a man as the actor who portrays him. This Han Solo Star Wars mug featuring his likeness is a reflection of both the classic Star Wars style and the character’s persona. In it, he’s wielding his iconic pistol with the symbol of the Rebels placed behind him. The faded blue color pays homage to the original film’s era.


Chewbacca Coffee Mugs

Chewbacca is a rare character that managed to both captivate our hearts and terrify our wits. If there’s any character deserving of a coffee mug, it’s definitely him.

In addition to his picture, the first mug features a white and dark brown color scheme reflective of both the character and the beverage within.


The next selection actually places his mug on a mug (another bad bun?) with a 3D molded design.


And the last, a collectible goblet, brings out Chewie’s adorable side with its top-heavy figurine design. Honestly, what Star Wars fanatic wouldn’t want to start their day with that?


Princess Leia Organa Coffee Mug

From damsel in distress to strong female lead, Princess Leia played a bold and important role in the vast Star Wars universe. To craft mugs without her likeness would simply be a disservice. Our choice features her posing over the Rebel symbol with a large pistol, complimented by a red and white color scheme. Though a simple design, it perfectly reflects the important role she played in the Star Wars.


Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Coffee Mug

Featuring poster art from the movie that sparked a legend, our Episode IV themed choice features all of our favorite characters battling it out for the sake of the galaxy. Heroes, villains and space age technology unite to bring the ultimate morning jolt. The rest of the mug is coated in a glossy finish that perfectly enhances the aesthetic elements.


Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Coffee Mug

It’s hard to believe how much the Star Wars universe changed and evolved so much in just a single movie. And yet, this mug seems to also capture than sentiment within a limited space. The movie art features all of our favorite heroes with looks of determination as their enemy rises above. The gloss black finish adds a touch of luxury that enhances the artwork even further.


Star Wars Ugly Sweater Mug

If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the ultimate Star Wars fanatic, it’s hard to beat the ugly sweater mug. Not only does it match the sentiment of a need for warm coffee or cocoa, it also features some of the most famous Star Wars imagery in stitched form. Specifically, this one features black and white icons of the Empire against a red background. This is truly a must for all Star Wars lovers.


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