3 Top Rated Courses for Developing Your Leadership Skills

Importance of Leadership in Business

A quick look at virtually any job posting, from entry-level to executive, will quickly reveal the value of leadership in businesses across all industries. Even employees filling positions that would generally be considered “followers” are expected to display the qualities of a leader. While some may argue that there is an overemphasis, it’s clear that leadership is an essential trait in the modern market. Fortunately, even those that do not view themselves as inherit leaders can benefit from specialized training. Here, we’ll be highlighting the top leadership courses and leadership workshops that can be conveniently completed online.

Best Online Leadership Courses Worth Taking

What we love about each of the courses below is their focus on convenience for the student. Each allows participants to complete the instruction materials at their leisure. They may also access the videos and courses from any web-enabled device. Those who successfully complete the courses are awarded with a Certificate of Completion confirming their competencies. And if students feel that the courses were not sufficient for their professional development, a money-back guarantee is available.

Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop

leaderUdemy is presenting itself as a quality educational resource with relevant courses far more affordable than colleges. Arguably the greatest example of this is Seth Godin’s self-placed Leadership Workshop. Mr. Godin’s focus is more than simply an introduction course on how to become a leader. He teaches students to develop and effectively present ideas for more effective growth strategies. In fact, long-term career and business growth is at the heart of his leadership workshop.

It also features lessons on getting organized as a leader. After all, once students learn how to identify unique strategies for growth, they will need a method for recording, applying and presenting those ideas. Such is at the core of his students’ start as leaders. It’s a process that employees can build upon as they learn to apply and modify the system for their own business and professional goals.

It may be beneficial to mention here that Seth Godin is a very famous author of 18 international bestsellers that have changed the way people think about marketing and work. You can see all his books from his Amazon page.

Leadership Skills Mastery


Ken Wells has prepared a practical course designed to develop a variety of applicable leadership principles.

Instilling the mindset of a leader is a strong focus of Leadership Skills Mastery. Central to this is empowering potential leaders to make effective decisions while managing time effectively. Each of these attributes, as the course reveals, help improve the image of a potential leader to his or her cohorts. However, they also extend beyond the workplace. For example, many prominent leaders will point to the importance of their morning routine. Such nuances are covered in detail, as well as the importance of confidence, especially as it relates to speech. Essentially, it focuses on the importance of leading oneself before others.

The focus then shifts to building influence. This segments starts by teaching students how to develop trust that eventually evolves into loyalty. It also introduces leadership techniques and thought processes proven to maintain influence for the long-term. Part of this is carefully crafting a respectable identity among coworkers, subordinates and even other business leaders.

Leading When You Are Not In Charge


Steve Ballinger’s “Leading When You Are Not In Charge” may very well be the best leadership course for those who doubt their ability to lead or even those who do not but know that they can. Right from the start, it teaches students to develop and master some of the most fundamental leadership traits, including confidence and self-discipline. In other words, it solves the question of “what is leadership” with a personalized answer.

The course then shows students techniques they can use to garner the support of others, whether it’s coworkers or current organizational leaders. This isn’t about attempting to usurp the existing leadership. Rather, it shows how to gain the respect and trust of others to prove oneself worthy of rising into a leadership role while garnering the support necessary to do so. Students will learn to communicate more effectively, especially when leading teams with members from diverse backgrounds. After all, diversity is becoming increasingly important in our digitally driven global economy. Leaders unable to show sensitivity to cultural considerations have begun falling behind those that do.


Ultimately, we understand that some may be hesitant to trust the effectiveness of an online course. It’s tempting to believe that an in-person, one-on-one mentorship is more effective. And in the most extreme circumstances, that may be true. But let’s remember that such programs are typically well beyond the price range of most aspiring leaders. Also, remember that the pedagogy of individual leadership sessions is built to encompass a broad audience, just like the online courses. We feel, and hundreds of reviews confirm, that the online courses here are just as effective at developing leaders as in-person leadership courses and workshops.

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