12 Creative Kitchen Tools to Enjoy Cooking

Here are some colorful and creative kitchen tools from pizza cutters to bottle openers and more that will add some joy and humor to your kitchen while cooking. All these are high quality kitchen utensils that you will be able to use them long time. Without these cute kitchen gadgets cooking and baking is so boring.

1. Creative Knife Block – Spartan Warrior

creative knife block spartan for 6 knives

What a great idea, isn’t it? You will attack the spartan warrior every time you place the knife.

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2. Creative Kitchen Peeler – Bird

Creative kitchen peeler bird

This cute orange bird is not just a regular one, be careful it is sharp!

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3. Creative Bottle Opener Corkscrew – Pirate

Creative bottle opener pirate

The funniest pirate ever… He is a bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter. Great choice for gift to the beloved ones.

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4. Creative Bottle Opener – Monster

Creative bottle opener monster

The eye-catching monster is ready to be the bartenders’ best friend.

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5. Creative Bottle Opener – Hammerhead Shark

Creative bottle opener hammerhead shark

Make this shark a Jawsome gift to a wine lover…

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6. Creative Cutting Board – Blood


Chop ’em carefully otherwise there you see real blood on the counter. No joke!

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7. Creative Pizza Cutter Wheel – Circular Saw

Creative pizza cutter circular

Cool pizza cutter as sharp as a real circular saw, unique gift option especially for ones who like woodworking.

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8. Creative Whisk – Carrot

Creative whisk carrot

This high-quality carrot whisk is long and durable enough to handle tough whisk jobs. Additionally the material is superior to grab the carrot without too much effort.

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9. Creative Pizza Cutter Wheel – Pedaller

Creative pizza cutter pedaller

Run the pedals, divide pizzas. Easily.

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10. Creative Cheese Grater – Hedgehog

creative cheese grater hedgehog

The hedgehog cheese graters is not only aesthetic but also very functional and sturdy. Make your mom smile.

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11. Creative Pasta Server – Dinosaur Head

creative pasta server dinosaur-head

Who says dinosaurs didn’t eat pasta? Sometimes they did.

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12. Creative Measuring Cups – Chicken Egg

creative measuring cups hen chicken

Nested measuring cups as set of 6. The mother hen has the egg inside, in which has the cute yellow little chick.

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We hope that you loved all these creative kitchen tools we listed above.

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